BlackBerry Passport In The Wild

I have seen more BlackBerry Passports in the wild than iPhone 6 Pluses. Shocking, I know. To date I have seen five of the 6+ and six Passports. The 6+ was re...

Still A Lot of iPhones

As the iPhone rumours continue, analyst Peter Misek (who helped spark off the iPhone “Plus” rumours a few months ago) seems to be backing off a bit saying th...

How Bill Gates Uses Reddit

Bill Gates did an Ask Me Anything on reddit yesterday and among his answers he showed us the giant Perceptive Pixel touchscreen he was using.

A Whole Lot Of iPhones

It’s that time again! The rumours about the next iPhone have been really heating up.

My First Android Phone

Just got myself an Android phone earlier this week and it’s been interesting experiencing so far.