BlackBerry Passport In The Wild

I have seen more BlackBerry Passports in the wild than iPhone 6 Pluses. Shocking, I know. To date I have seen five of the 6+ and six Passports. The 6+ was released back in September and the Passport a few weeks later.

I make no absolute conclusions about sales based on this entirely anecdotal bit of info. For instance I obviously don’t in any way take this as evidence that the 6+ has sold poorly. Apple’s outstanding sales figures paint a pretty clear picture there, and it was likely obvious to most that the 6+ would sell less than the 6 (at least in North America). And despite me seeing more Passports, I’m of course not in anyway thinking that it has sold better than the 6+; not only is my sample size small, but that’s just crazy talk. However, I do find it interesting and it does make me wonder if that perhaps the Passport has not sold quite as poorly as I thought it would (though the bar was low; I didn’t think it would sell at all). I’m impressed that I’ve seen any Passports, let alone half a dozen. People have actually bought it.

Of course, what you see in the wild depends on where your wild is. Every time I’ve thought about posting some random observation of what phones I see on a day-to-day basis, I’ve felt that I should give context of where I am on a day-to-day basis. I never get around to that so I usually don’t post. So here is my context:

  • Toronto (and likely much of Canada) has for obvious reasons always been somewhat of a BlackBerry stronghold. Classic BlackBerrys were still available from Rogers and I think still even selling up until the BB10 models came out. I know people who held on to old ones waiting for the Q10 (the BB10 with a keyboard) to be released. They’ve clearly been disappearing, but I still saw a huge number of BlackBerry Bolds long after every tech person I read or listened to online (most of whom are from the US) said they were dead and gone from everywhere except maybe businesses. I still see classic BlackBerrys on a somewhat regular basis (saw one this past week).
  • Until a few months ago, I worked in downtown Toronto, in a building that had a few financial related companies. The first BB Passport I saw was in the elevator of the building.
  • I ride the subway to my job, which can skew demographics vs those drive and park in the city.

I can’t say for sure what the above points me, but regardless, that’s where I am when I’m seeing phones. I’ll probably refer to the above in any future random phone musings/sightings.

To sum up, I don’t think that the BlackBerry Passport has outsold the iPhone 6+, or that is has even sold well at all, but of the random people I see riding public transit in downtown Toronto, the Passport so far has been as common as the 6+, which I am very surprised by.

So there you have it. Maybe the Passport is only a bit of a flop, not a complete flop.