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API Client Design Across Languages - Part 1

In my recent post Some Best Practices On Building An Integration, I espoused the benefits of using API owner supplied tools and libraries, and mentioned area...

Just A Minor Patch

So obviously testing is important. That’s not exactly deeply insightful; we all know this. Even the slightest, most unassuming change can have weird effects....

You Are In A Legacy Codebase


What If It’s Null?

You find odd bits in any code base, especially one of significant age, with a few dozen different developers, that has gone through massive refactoring and r...

Rebranding Is Hard

A few years ago my company went through a rebranding excercise and got themselves a shiny new logo.

The Right Trade-off

Gina Trapani had this to say today on twitter: Better user experience almost always means more developer effort and often more complex code. That's the r...

Google’s Little Porn Bug

I was greatly amused by the recent stories of what Search Engine Land has dubbed, “Google’s anti-SafeSearch feature.” It is however bug.

The Final Frontier

Randall of xkcd (which if you don’t read, you should really give it a try) posted yesterday about a somewhat morbid interest in actuarial tables which led to...

Liferay Browser Launcher

Since we deployed our Liferay 6.1 environment at work, we’ve noticed that tomcat refused to shutdown cleanly. When executing the shutdown script, it would ha...

Dedication and Paranoia

One of our main projects has still been sitting in CVS for some time. Everything else under active development either started in, or was moved to SVN for som...

AJAX In Liferay

Lately at my company we’ve been working on a number of portlets for use in a Liferay Portal installation. I’ve had little previous experience with Liferay, o...

Humour In The Contents

Got a laugh from this ticket in our bug tracking software earlier this week:

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BlackBerry Passport In The Wild

I have seen more BlackBerry Passports in the wild than iPhone 6 Pluses. Shocking, I know. To date I have seen five of the 6+ and six Passports. The 6+ was re...

Still A Lot of iPhones

As the iPhone rumours continue, analyst Peter Misek (who helped spark off the iPhone “Plus” rumours a few months ago) seems to be backing off a bit saying th...

How Bill Gates Uses Reddit

Bill Gates did an Ask Me Anything on reddit yesterday and among his answers he showed us the giant Perceptive Pixel touchscreen he was using.

A Whole Lot Of iPhones

It’s that time again! The rumours about the next iPhone have been really heating up.

My First Android Phone

Just got myself an Android phone earlier this week and it’s been interesting experiencing so far.

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Lynx vs IE5

Saw this get the retweet treatment on twitter:

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Reminded of RealPlayer

I have recently been reminded several times of RealPlayer, an application I had pushed far to the back of my mind.

Just Works

Read this post from Dr. Drang concerning bugginess of Mail in OS X Mavericks (and mentions in passing issues with iCal, Address Book, and Messages).

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McIntosh’s Law

For my inaugural post I give you McIntosh’s Law, postulated by my father some years ago:

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Social Media

A Twitter View Of A Tragedy

There was a mass shooting at a Toronto block party last night, leaving (at current reports) 2 dead and 19 injured.

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