Google WebM Licensing

A piece on Google’s recent licensing of patents WebM:

A few days ago, Google and the MPEG-LA announced that they had come to an agreement under which Google received a license for techniques in VP8 that may infringe upon MPEG-LA patents (not the ‘if any’). Only a few days later, we learn the real reason behind Google and the MPEG-LA striking a deal, thanks to The H Open, making it clear that the MPEG-LA has lost. Big time.

A decidedly positive perspective on the recent news (though maybe a tad ranty against H.264). I read this piece perhaps 10 minutes after reading ApplieInsider’s somewhat negative view on the same news (via Marco’s decidedly negative and rather ranty commentary).

These (and their associated comment threads) just go to show that Video Codecs remains one of the hot-button topics for developers on the internet.