Humour In The Contents

Got a laugh from this ticket in our bug tracking software earlier this week:

SQL query from sends Oracle into a unrelenting CPU sucking spasm

A little too hyperbolic? Maybe. Though there actual contents of the ticket were well documented, so I don’t mind. The ticket was created by one of my former co-workers. He’s been gone just over a year now and I have to say that I miss him. He was quite good at his job, but also quite funny (in a depressing sort of way). Here’s another example of his commenting style from a simple script to email some daily logs:

REM Dogshit Windows, log may be locked, blat cannot open, copy and mail
copy C:\<path to log>\server.log C:\<path to log>\_server.log
REM Email the log(s)
"C:\Program Files\blat262\full\blat.exe" C:\<path to log>\_server.log -to <email> -f <email> -server <server>
del C:\<path to log>\_server.log
EXIT /b 0

Suffice it to say, he was not a big fan of windows (or oracle for that matter).