Reminded of RealPlayer

I have recently been reminded several times of RealPlayer, an application I had pushed far to the back of my mind.

The first was that RealPlayer Cloud now supports the Chromecast. My first reaction was, “RealPlayer still exists. God no!” I had not even known that Real was still in existence.

The second was The Graph That Changed Me, a piece on how RealNetworks profits were almost exclusively tied to their poor/shady practises.

I have not tried RealPlayer Cloud. It could be great. But I’m not going to even give it a glance unless some amazing reviews randomly come across my path (I don’t even care enough to search for reviews). This is how much Real alienated me as a customer over a decade ago. There was a time when RealPlayer was the bane of my internet media existence, as I’m sure it was for many. I suppose I wish them luck, the company and individuals may be very different now, but the name is not going to win them much in my opinion.